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Porto Rio Consortium


Projects and Technical Assistance to the Works for the Revitalization of the Port Area of ​​Rio de Janeiro - Porto Maravilha Project - in an area of ​​5,000,000 m², comprising the execution of a new road system connecting the area near Santos Dumont Airport to Av. Rodrigues Alves, in the way of the New Rio Bus Station, replacing the high of the perimeter road that was in this section. The projects included:

■ Basic and final designs of five tunnels, each with three traffic lanes, totaling 8.7 km, of which about 70% were excavated in NATM, partially sectioned in rock and 103 m² of finished section (the complementary extension was excavated in "cut and cover", being one of the tunnels, of 285 m, excavated totally in rock); highway project and design of the BRT Francisco Bicalho Station;

■ Road and sign readjustment project due to the insertion of the Light Rail Vehicle (VLT) in an area of ​​14,074 m in the area covered by the project; foundation project of the Museum of Tomorrow; final design of the underpass of pedestrians over stretch on the surface of the Expressway, final design of the drainage and lighting infrastructure.

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