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Construtora Andrade Gutierrez S.A.


Bidding project for the interconnection works between the Jaguari and Atibainha Dams, located respectively in the Paraíba do Sul Basin and in the Cantareira System Basin, with a view to reducing the systemic risk in supplying the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo and the regions of Campinas and Jundiaí. In addition, the interconnection work will allow reversing of the water in the opposite direction, i.e., from Atibainha dam to Jaguari dam, with flows of up to 12.2 m³/s, in situations of above-normal flows in the Cantareira System. The works consist of a tunnel with 6,130 m in length, two lift stations and an adductor with 13.5 km in length and 2,20 m in diameter.

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