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Electric Power Stations of Northern Brazil - ELETRONORTE


Updating of basic design, elaboration of the final design and technical follow-up of the complements of the Tucuruí/PA System of Transposition of Density, composed of Locks 1 and 2, with a navigation channel between them, called Intermediate Channel, contained laterally by a compacted soil dam, interconnecting the two chambers of the locks. The main characteristics of the locks are: length and width of the chamber of 210.00 m and 33.00 m respectively, maximum operational slope of the order of 35 m, maximum draft of 4.50 m. The peak filling flow rate is 500.00 m³ / s and the concrete volume is of the order of 300,000 m³ for each one. The larger gate has 38.80 m in height and 17,000 kN in weight. The compacted soil volume of the intermediate dam is 2 913 490 m³, the total length is over 6 km and the maximum height is around 30 m.

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